VOB file extension

VOB file could be opened by special software. There are 3 file's types and each of them could be opened by different software. Download recommended software to open desired file format.

How to open VOB file

VOB file (full name DVD Video Object File) can be represented by three basic versions:

Video format for storing and playing data from DVD discs. Such presentation of information is the most common modification of a VOB file. Audio/video data, user navigation menu, subtitles – this is only a small list of components, which a VOB file can contain. As a rule, the storage location for these files is the directory VIDEO_TS on DVD.

VOB format is undemanding and can be usually opened using the standard built-in video player.

Usually all video players are freely available, however, there are some fee-based ware that offers the widest functional (such as CyberLink PowerDVD).

VOB on DVD may be complemented with information libraries in the form of .IFO and .BUP files.

File generated by the game program Live for Speed (LFS). In this version, VOB file contains 3D car models, their characteristic parameters, and descriptive text information. In such a way, the user can change this data by editing the VOB file. It is noteworthy that VOB file contains information only about the half of the race car. During game simulation, its second part is added in a mirror manner.

Format used to create 3D models in Vue Objects File. This program is a three-dimensional design environment, which allows to generate different elements of the landscape. In this case, VOB file stores data in the form of models of mountains and hills, lakes and rivers, trees and shrubs. There are versions of this program both for professional users and amateurs.

Opening VOB

To play a VOB file, you need to know its exact purpose.

If VOB format is designed to store data on DVDs, then you may use one of the following software products:

It is important that the player has support for MPEG-2 for playing video in VOB format.

If VOB is a custom file generated by a game racing simulator, then only Live for Speed should be used to open and edit it.

When the VOB extension is a 3D terrain element model, use Vue Objects File – a 3D design system, adapted to work with this format.

Converting VOB into other formats

Converting VOB into other formats is only for video data stored on a DVD disc. For this purpose, most professional users recommend using an external video converter. The converters Aimersoft VOB and Movavi are the most popular. These software modules are characterized by high speed and quality of converting. MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, HD, and 3D is just a small list of extensions that can be converted from VOB using these video plug-ins.

Why VOB and what are its advantages

The wide application of the VOB format is the main distinguishing feature of this extension.

Users often use VOB files as:

  • A video format for storing and playing data on DVD discs;
  • A file containing 3D models of race cars, their characteristic parameters, descriptive text information;
  • A data file containing information about 3D models of landscape elements (mountains, hills, lakes, etc.).
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File type:
Vue Objects File
E-on Software
3D image files

E-on Vue (3D environment modeling software) three-dimensional model file with objects for the environment that are saved as polygonal meshes. E-on Vue MAT files are used for texturizing 3D models. Such objects as trees, mountains, oceans, skies and other landscapes may be contained within VOB files. There are several versions of E-on Vue for professionals, artists and enthusiasts.

How to open file with VOB extension?

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File type:
Live for Speed Car File
Live for Speed
Game files

Live for Speed (LFS - a car racing video game) file with three-dimensional car information, like car textures, faces, meshes and materials. This file is used for customizing the display of bodies and parts of 3D racing cars. Car models used by LFS are symmetrical, so VOB files include only one half of the car display data and the other half is mirrored during the gameplay.

How to open file with VOB extension?

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File type:
DVD Video Object File
Video files

DVD disk movie data file that is located in the "VIDEO_TS" directory by default. It stores the most information from the DVD disk, containing video, audio and subtitles. This file is commonly formatted as an MPEG-2 system stream and may be opened using many video playback applications.

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