AZFiles — File Extension


Often you can see on your PC different file types with unknown extensions like .dat, .mpo, .bin, .img and others. What to do with these files? How can you open them? What file formats are better not to edit or delete? We have answers to all these questions.

AZFiles presents you an online database of different file extensions and formats with detailed information: where is it used, how important is this file format and how to open it. The list of related software for each extension can help you choose the best program for your operating system to work with the unknown file: open, read, edit or convert into another file type. Links to the latest verions of software will help you download and install the software from developer if you don't have it on your PC.

Use our search form to find information about the extension you need to know about; browse trough the list of alphabetical extension names; search in the list of categories if you know what type the unknown file is: data, system, image, video, game or other file types.

Downlaod our AZFiles File Info software to get information about file extensions right in your operating system. The program provides the same information, as the website, including the list of related software and links to download it. And of course it is absolutely free!

Browse and explore new file formats and programs to open file extensions.