VC3 file extension

You can open file with VC3 using special software abopted to do this. In order to open VC3 file download one of the software.

How to open VC3 file

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File type:
VSampler Soundbank File
MAZ Sound Tools
Audio files

VSampler (255 voice polyphonic program sampler) list of compressed sound samples that may be loaded into the sampler and played back with software or a MIDI controller input. VC3 files use a compressed format that can use up to a 20:1 compression ratio. This compression is usually used for samples that are transferred over the Internet. VC3 files can also be stored in a lossless format that uses a compression ratio of about 2:1. This lossless compression is usually used for sound archiving purposes.

How to open file with VC3 extension?

MAZ Sound Tools VSampler
MAZ Sound Tools VSampler

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