PNG file extension

You can open file with PNG using special software abopted to do this. In order to open PNG file download one of the software.

How to open PNG file

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File type:
Portable Network Graphic
Raster image files

Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format image file with a bitmap of indexed colors stored using lossless compression, similar to a GIF file, but without copyright limitations. It is usually used for saving graphics for Web pictures. This format was developed mainly for increasing color support and for providing graphic format without a patent license in response to limitations with the GIF format. PNG pictures can contain an 8-bit transparency channel that enables the picture colors to fade from opaque to transparent. PNG files cannot be animated like GIF images, but the related MNG format can use animations. PNG files are not intended for use with professional graphics, so they do not have CMYK color support. Most Web browsers are compatible with PNG image format.

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