TMP file extension

You can open file with TMP using special software abopted to do this. In order to open TMP file download one of the software.

How to open TMP file

The TMP file extension comes in several basic versions:

  • Standing for Temporary File, the format refers to a category of temporary files that can be generated by almost any executive program. The TEMP extension is an analog of the TMP format.

It's noteworthy that regardless of the practical purpose and functionality of a program, it will create temporary files with an absolutely identical TMP extension. That's why it may be tough to identify which software app a particular TMP file belongs to. If that's the case, look at the file name: A document named Word_report 2007.tmp probably comes from the Microsoft Word Office editor.

The location of the source file can also be used to identify which app the TMP extension belongs to. It's necessary to specify the name of the root directory, where the "Temp" or "Tmp" folder is located.

The temporary TMP file is a kind of insurance for the application against unintentional system failures or power outages. The main purpose of generating a TMP extension is to back up data or the cache.

Some software applications, like Microsoft Word, create the TMP format on their own, automatically overwriting it after a set time interval.

Usually, temporary files are also deleted automatically (if the program shuts down correctly).

In some cases, TMP files may pile up on the hard drive even if the app shuts down correctly. This could be because of a programming error or plugin activation failure. A forced TMP file deletion is recommended in this case; otherwise, it could lead to a significant reduction in operable storage space.

You have to be very careful when deleting TMP files: Be sure you get rid of them only if you're sure that the files are really a temporary format for storing data and that the application won't need it in the future.

Web browsers commonly generate temporary files to store user data, cookies, web page graphics, and browsing histories. Some specialized software plugins that let you clean up temporary files automatically include TFCLEANUP, 4Diskclean, and Easy Erase File Cleaner.

  • The TMP format belongs to the audio files category and contains audio extremum signals that can be edited with the Nero WaveEditor software package.
  • The TMP file is a source file of temperature ranges measured using SWAT (Soil & Water Assessment Tool) software. In this case, the format stores the max/min temperature readings taken from the measurement sensors.

Software to open TMP files

The TMP extension can be associated with almost any software application or web browser. That's why it's complicated to identify what the TMP format belongs to and choose the appropriate utility to run and format it.

The most common editors and web browsers to open a TMP file are:

If an error occurs during format playback, it's because the source file is corrupted or infected by a virus or the TMP file was opened using the wrong software program.

Converting TMP to other formats

TMP's specific structure and scope for each case don't allow this format to be converted to other extensions.

Attempting to convert an extension to another format may not yield any practical results and could damage the original file. That's why this format is almost never converted.

Why TMP, and what are its advantages?

TMP is a one-of-a-kind format designed to:

  • Create a data or a cache back-up copy for temporary storage
  • Take the max/min temperature readings from measurement sensors
  • Record, store, and format audio extremum signals.
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File type:
Temporary File
Backup files

Several applications automatically generated temporary file (or "temp file") that is usually used as a backup or cache file. This file may be stored as an invisible file and is usually removed when the application is closed.

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