SIG file extension

SIG file could be opened by special software. There are 2 file's types and each of them could be opened by different software. Download recommended software to open desired file format.

How to open SIG file

SIG is an extension for a digital signature document that stands for "Signature". The purpose of the signature is to confirm the file's authenticity or protect a copyright. SIG files tend to be attached to an archive with an e-mail or are located in a directory with software installation files.

Unique features

A SIG file is a digital signature text file or a raster image.

A SIG text file contains:

  • The sender and recipient's addresses (if the SIG signature is attached to a file with a downloaded message).
  • An encoded public key that verifies a message's integrity and, thus, authenticity.
  • The sender's name.

If the operating system recognizes the SIG extension as a graphic file, it means that the document belongs to a group of software products from the developer Broderbund, such as The Print Shop, The Print View, or PrintMaster.

A raster graphic with a SIG extension contains an image that is itself a digital signature for posters, covers, brochures, and other types of graphics documents from the software.

How to open a SIG file

SIG documents can be opened two ways:

  • Using desktop applications
  • Online with a SIG cloud or online service.

To view the contents of a digital signature text document, use the following software:

Расширение sig в Mac

Print Master 2012 is Broderbund's licensed software program used to open SIG files. The Print Shop 3.0 and newer versions can also be used.

To open a SIG file, also you can use some services: DocuSign, Adobe Sign.

SIG Icon
File type:
Broderbund Sign File
Raster image files

Broderbund graphics applications (for example PrintMaster and The Print Shop) sign file with a picture for a sign or poster saved using a proprietary formatting. It may be opened using other Broderbund applications, but it is not guaranteed.

SIG Icon
File type:
Signature File
Text files

This is a small text file which may be automatically attached to the end of email messages. It often stores the sender's name and email address. The signature can also contain the name of the person's company, the person's title and contact phone numbers in work-related emails. Signature files are supported by most email applications.

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