PKF file extension

You can open file with PKF using special software abopted to do this. In order to open PKF file download one of the software.

How to open PKF file

PKF Icon
File type:
Audition Peak File
Audio files

Adobe Audition (audio production software) peak file with waveform information related to a specific WAV file. This file is created automatically when an audio file is opened or imported. PKF files give a visual display of the waveform within an audio file. After creating a PKF file the waveform does not need to be re-rendered every time the audio file or related project is opened. PKF format is similar to PK format that was used by previous versions of Audition (before Adobe Audition CS 5.5), but includes floating-point information and may show waveform information for audio signals above 0dB. PKF files are recognized by Audition CS 5.5 and newer.

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