CR2 file extension

CR2 file could be opened by special software. There are 2 file's types and each of them could be opened by different software. Download recommended software to open desired file format.

How to open CR2 file

A CR2 file can be generated in two cases:

  1. A graphic image obtained using a Canon digital camera. The camera generates a graphic image snapshot in the form of an unprocessed piece of data obtained from the matrix. The formation of such an image fragment avoids loss of image quality. A CR2 file can contain both text information about the image, and the technical parameters of shooting, including conditions, brightness, contrast, exposure values, etc. The main drawback of this graphic format is the large size of disc space or memory card allocated for storing a CR2 file. This format is based on TIF extension structure. After rewriting a CR2 file on the computer, you can change all the image parameters, including white balance, sharpness, and color saturation, without fearing for loss of quality.
  2. A digital 3D model, obtained as a result of simulating a living character in a specialized environment (such as Smith Micro Poser). This software shell is similar to the 3D Max application, with the difference that its main feature is the three-dimensional projection of living objects. Such CR2 file can contain data describing facial expressions, figure features, and position of body parts.

Opening CR2

Selecting a software environment for opening and editing CR2 files depends on where the file was originally generated.

If CR2 format is a heavy file containing a graphic image fragment obtained from a camera, the following programs may be used:

If a CR2 file is a digital 3D model of a human character, the following is used:

These software modules are adapted to work both in Windows and Mac OS.

Converting CR2 into other formats

The question of converting a CR2 file (from a Canon camera) into other data format is very acute, as in this form, the image is quite heavy.

The following formats are available for converting:

Each recommended CR2 converter will convert the file into specified formats with optimal image quality and compression settings.

Why CR2 and what are its advantages

The main advantage of CR2 extension is the ability to post-process data. The camera user does not need to choose the optimal values for brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color saturation in haste. All these procedures can be performed in a special graphical editor on a PC using specialized tools for image processing.

CR2 Icon
File type:
Poser Character Rigging File
Smith Micro
3D image files

Poser (3D character modeling software) three-dimensional character data file with data about the character's joints and bones and information about where and how much they bend. This file can also store data about morphs which are built into the figure. It can be imported by different third-party applications.

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File type:
Canon Raw Image File
Raster image files

Canon digital cameras raw camera graphic file with uncompressed graphic data saved exactly as it was taken by the camera's CCD. This image may be adjusted for white balance and exposure with various graphics editing applications, including the program provided with Canon digital camera purchases. CR2 files are stored using a format which is based on the TIFF specification. CRW format (based on the Camera Image File Format - CIFF) is used by several old models of Canon digital cameras.

Similar file formats and extensions.